The Purification Process


The mains-fed water dispensers use a combination of sub 0.5 micron filtration and ultraviolet light treatment in a 5 stage filtration process. The water passes through a sediment filter, an activated block carbon filter and a 0.5 micron filter. This filter removes chlorine, rust, cryptosporidium cysts, and volatile organic compounds and helps to reduce lime scale.

The purification process leaves the water free of bad tastes and odors. Finally, an ultraviolet lamp kills 99.9% of bacteria and inactivates many viruses. The UV lamps have the benefit of killing pathogens, without adding any chemicals to the water and the Result is great tasting water that can be chilled or boiled.

Our Dispensers allow for Hot, Normal and Cold water which is quite advantageous.


  1. PP (Polyprelyne) – The coarse filtration filter is the first in contact with water to remove all impurities above 5 micron. These are rust, sand grains, and earth in the water.
  2. CTO – (Chlorine, Taste, Odour) – This filter removes the chlorine that might be in the water, all manner of taste and odour in the water and makes it ready to go to the reverse osmosis
  3. RO(Reverse Osmosis)– Here the water is totally broken down and all heavy metals, bacteria, organic chemical substances are totally.
  4. Rear activated carbon filter (T33) – Active carbon at this stage adjust the taste of pure water, to ensure that  the final stage water is sweet and has good taste.

UV (Ultravioletlamp) – Finally, water is passes through the UV light that kills 99% of bacteria and inactivates many viruses ensuring you are drinking safe and tasty water.

  • PP (Polyprelyne)
  • CTO( Chlorine ,Taste, Odour)
  • RO ( ReverseOsmosis)
  • Activated Carbon Filter(T33)
  • UV (Ultravioletlamp)